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Boosting Your Online Store Sales by Adding Digital Downloads

Selling products online is the new business strategy. Many businesses are now available and offering their products online. Such change of business strategy is attributed to the growth in E-commerce and the influx in the number of internet users nowadays. For this reason, if you create a robust and effective online store, you are guaranteed to make sales if you market and advertise your products and store as thoroughly and to the right target audience. Perhaps you have created your online store and listed all the necessary categories for your products and you are not seeing the sales you had projected? You have nothing to worry; all you need to do is change your marketing strategy. With platforms like Shopify you can start selling online

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There are several approaches that you can employ in your business online to boost its sales.  One of the most successful ways to boost your online store sales can be through the addition of digital downloads to your store. Digital downloads can include things software package, file, of documents that are in electronic format.

How does adding digital downloads boost your online store sales? Many people out there are in need of a variety of digital downloads but might have no idea where to find them. Creating access to given digital downloads through your online store allows people to visit your store increasing the chances of them buying your other products. Such an approach also earns your revenue from the sale of digital downloads.

5 Top digital downloads to consider factoring in your business online

There is a long list of digital products that you can consider including in your store for the purpose of boosting sales. Here are 5 of the top in the list that can guarantee you large sales margin as well as high traffic to your online store.

o   Selling of eBooks

With the advancement in technology, many people are using mobile device and hence, love reading various materials on the go. For example, self-publishing is now common with the introduction of devices such as Kobo and Kindle. EBooks have become very popular for this reason, and hence, a suitable way to increase sales.

o   Tutorials 

The availability of almost everything does not render online courses and video obsolete. There are numerous people who need guidance on certain things such as how to create a logo and many others. Offering tutorials on your products and services or other areas you have expertise can be an appropriate way to increase traffic and rate of conversion, as well as sales.


o   Web elements

Numerous web elements are in high demand nowadays. For example, with the increased demand for E-commerce solutions, business need people to offer services in graphics design, development of logos, wallpapers, brushes, and such related web elements. For example, website themes have become some of the high-in-demand web elements nowadays and hence, adding any of these web elements to your online store can act as a sales booster.

o   Music

Music selling platforms such as iTunes are making massive sales. However, such platforms often take a great share in the sale of other people’s music. Why then not create online store where you can sell your own music as well?

o   Photography

Photography forms another suitable way to make sales online. For example, here are more than 70 million illustrations, vectors, and photos on sale on Shutterstock and all these are sold as downloads. You can have a platform to sell your photos incorporated in your e-commerce site.


While it is easy to make boost your online sales through the addition of digital downloads, it is important to ensure that your chosen online web builder supports such functionality.

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